I obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Biochemistry with Molecular Biology from the University of Leeds. I then pursued my computational interests by studying for a Master’s of Research in Computational Biology at the University of York. My dissertation took place in John Slattery’s lab, where I used quantum mechanics and molecular dynamics methods to explore the reaction mechanism of the tungsten dependent acetylene hydratase.

I am currently in the second year of a D.Phil in Structural Biology, funded by BBSRC and UCB.



My current project focuses on structure based drug design and how molecular dynamic (MD) methods can facilitate and improve drug discovery. I am looking at how MD can be used to create better and more accurate dynamic pharmacophore models.



• Wellcome Trust and DTP computational practical class demonstrator — The University of Oxford (2015 – present).



Member of Oxford University Rifle Club.
President of BarCo and ENTZ social secretary, Wolfson College.